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We prepare 'soon-to-be' and recently promoted leaders to lead high performing teams

Q L and D partners with companies to build critical leadership skills for first-time supervisors and managers relative to team leadership fundamentals, building and maintaining high performing teams, and fostering effective teamwork. Our 'New Leaders' Program consists of three elements:

  • The 'New Leaders' Boot Camp: This half-day workshop teaches new leaders the fundamentals of leadership including what how to lead individuals and teams in order to drive positive culture for outstanding performance and results. 

  • Executive Coaching : Our coaches work one-on-one with new leaders in a year-long program to support successful application of the leadership principles learned in Boot Camp. Working with a coach external to the organization provides a safe space in which emerging leaders can perform honest self-evaluation and realignment to improve their performance. 

  • Action Learning Sets: New leaders can be part of a cohort of 6 executives from around the world participating in an ongoing monthly action learning program for mutual development through group coaching. The action learning set is formatted as a once-monthly full-day program in which each leader presents their progress over the previous month for feedback from the coach and other leaders. It is a context for reflecting on personal leadership practice through one's own experiences and the experiences of others. 

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