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Develop your talent through top-notch training programs expertly designed by experienced L&D professionals

Q L and D partners with organizations needing to outsource critical training activities, providing comprehensive learning and development services in the areas of:

  • Learning Needs Analysis: We capture essential data from target learners and other key stakeholders to ensure that learning programs are aligned to organizational needs and objectives.

  • Instructional Design: We design engaging and impactful learning experiences that transfer targeted skills, knowledge, and information in highly interactive, custom-designed programs. 

  • Learning Program Project Management: We understand talent development execution from the big picture down to the little details. Clients engage Q L and D to manage end-to-end planning and execution of learning programs including sourcing trainers, stakeholder communication, and event planning and management. 

  • Training and Workshop Delivery: Our qualified trainers are experienced facilitators of learning in the areas of leadership, management, and innovation and learning modalities. Contact us to request a catalog of our off-the-shelf programs.

Building Your Innovation Capabilities for Business Growth: Portfolio
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