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We help you grow profit and market share through innovation

Q L and D partners with companies to build winning growth strategies whether the aim is to maintain a strong market position, move in a new direction, or recover from a downward spiral. We identify organizations' most critical strengths, gaps, and opportunities so that they can take a structured approach to consistent growth in all aspects of the enterprise.  We go the distance with our clients helping them to learn, adapt, and transform their organization from the inside out.   Our consultants use the Innovation 360® framework, a proven, research-based innovation management system for business growth to assess organizations' ability to generate and execute new concepts and ways of working. We provide expert advice and recommendations, training, and executive coaching to jump-start bold new ways of doing business to stay or get back on track toward growth.


We work with three types of entities:

  • Industry Leaders: Market-leading companies looking to keep their competitive edge 

  • Companies in Stagnation: Companies facing flat or declining growth, and requiring a strategy revamp to start moving forward

  • Companies in Crisis: Businesses facing an 'innovate or die' scenario, where a strategy overhaul is required to avert impending failure

Building Your Innovation Capabilities for Business Growth: Portfolio
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